Media Bias

This site is primarily dedicated to National Security issues, but I am finding out there is a broader spectrum of issues related to national security than I originally thought. For example, how does media bias affect NatSec issues? Here is one good example, published by Eric Lipton of the New York Times, under the title “Pro-Israel tilt seen bearing cash for GOP”. The article goes to great lengths to suggest that Republicans who are supporting Israel are doing so not out of a motivation to see that Israel remains an important ally and a secure nation in a sea of Islamist suspect states, but primarily out of pure greed for campaign dollars. Here is what I wrote to the local newspaper that reprinted the article on its front page:
“I am curious why your paper thought it was a good idea to run the clearly biased article by the NYT’s Lipton on the front page? Virtually every fact was followed by a phrase intended to suggest that Republicans were bought and paid for. Yet, when it comes to the subject of Israel, neither party is guiltless. To report on this phenomenon without making that clear is an example of the pro-left media bias of the press in general and the NYT in particular.
Lipton’s own article cites Dick Durbin’s receipt of nearly $300,000 in 2008, yet there was no article then accusing Democrats of being bought and paid-for. These are the facts Lipton failed to report, all from the same source: According to the Center for Responsive Politics, in every year since 1990, spending for Democrats by pro-Israel groups has outpaced that for Republicans. Thirteen of the top 20 recipients of such donations are Democrats, and the first three are Democrats, yet he mentioned only number four, Graham. In average contributions, Democrats are consistently higher across the board.
And how about the Democrats’ favorite daughter? Hillary spoke recently, as she has for several years, at the Saban Forum, run by Israeli-American billionaire Haim Saban, who has donated between 5 and 10 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation, and was a key player and huge contributor in her first Presidential campaign. Saban was the largest overall donor to the DNC during 2001-02, and has continued giving at high levels since. Ms. Clinton recently stated that ‘we must ensure that Israel never becomes a partisan issue.’ In other words, I want some of that money those Republicans are getting, too. Fine, but this paper should not be party to such obvious partisan bias on its news pages.”
The reason it is important to note and if possible weed out political bias in the press, and the reason it affects national security, is because reasonable people could read such a tainted article and conclude that Republicans motives are, shall we say, less than pure. This in turn can create doubts about the motivations of their policy decisions around such issues as the Iran “Negotiations” and Israeli security in general. If one were to rely on Lipton’s article, one would conclude that Republicans care only about the money, not the issues, and that Democrats’ motives are entirely pure. One doesn’t have to choose sides to know that is utter hogwash.
So, till next time, see you in the blogosphere!